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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where Igor Lives

This is my personal assistant, Sammy. He doesn't run errands, take phone calls or do laundry. I pay him an exorbitant salary to keep squeaky dog toys strewn evenly throughout the house, to sleep right where I need to walk and to sound the weather alert during tornado season. He generally beats the National Weather Service by 10-15 minutes and he seems to be able to distinguish between loud thunderstorms and actual tornadoes. When he says "Take cover!", we evacuate to the basement even though that is where Igor lives.

I have never seen Igor but deduce his existence from the weird thumping and banging that goes on down there. I used to pretend that it was the old furnace but then I got a new furnace which is whisper quiet, but still, when the fan turns on, Igor thumps and bangs.

Most of the time, Igor and I co-exist quite happily, like roommates who work different shifts and never, ever see one another. Oh, I change the furnace filters and once in a while when I get a new computer or something in a nice box, I throw the box down the stairs for Igor to play with. He's got some furniture we surface dwellers have no use for and plenty of spiders for company. Seems quite content.

But tonight I had to venture into Igor's realm....out of season. It's that time of the year when it is too cold for tornadoes and too warm to turn on the furnace. So Igor couldn't be expecting me.
But I needed a big box and a lot of packing peanuts. I really wanted to do it before the sun had set because as the light fades, things that live in the dark get bigger and braver...but I needed to get the box up to get the package ready and I finally had a use for all those packing peanuts. So I descended into Igor's realm:

This time I grabbed my camera. If I did finally meet Igor, I was going to be prepared. 
And amazingly,
I actually got to meet Igor for the very first time!
Rare footage, only 3 seconds long,
Igor in my basement.

P.S. and a really nice box and some Styrofoam shapes. The saddle fits fine and I will get it shipped as soon as I can get to the post office....but that's another tale....MWAHAAHAAAAA!


Anonymous said...

Igor probably greatly enjoyed your "shoulder season" visit :)

Sallymae Hogsby said...

Does Igor have a blog? I'd like to read about his perspective on all this.

Ellen Mizell said...

When Igor picks up all the packing peanuts that spilled, I will get him a computer.