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Friday, November 25, 2011

A-Macing Grace--the Pepper Spray Addiction

Going to Walmart? Make sure you pack your pepper spray. After all, it is your Constitutional right to bear arms. That way if someone else gets that Xbox you've got your eye on, you can just whip out your handy-dandy canister and spray them down.

CBSnews Black Friday Shoppers Pepper Sprayed

Twenty people were injured but nobody died or had a serious allergic reaction. My first thought, based on my own experience of retail, was that this would be a perfect cover for a pair of shoplifters. One douses the crowd with pepper spray creating a massive distraction, while the other moves in on the merchandise. I don't buy that "competitive shopping" hogwash.

That story got the widest coverage and there was coverage of robberies, shootings and attempted hijackings of Christmas presents in other Walmarts across the country. Coverage of all these incidents was widely circulated in the foreign press. Belief in American Exceptionalism may be waning here at home, but foreigners still think we're pretty special.

Here's another good one you may have missed. Some folks, relatives of a player, traveled to a high school football game and tried to cheer the players up after they lost by performing the Haka, a traditional Maori dance that is now a male bonding football ritual the world over. You know the thing: chest-beating, stomping around, sticking out the tongue, making ugly faces?

Well, the police had never heard of such a thing, so he maced them: Washington Post:: Too Much Team Spirit

A clip of the pepper spraying of the Occupy UC Davis protesters went viral on Facebook on November 18th. It was chilling but only 37 seconds long. Here's another video of the same incident, shot from a different angle that shows more detail. In addition to the guy walking along the front of the line of students spraying them in the face, there was another cop behind them spraying the back of their necks and grabbing unresisting people to spray them at pointblank range. Also batons...

Occupy Protesters Pepper Sprayed at UCDavis 1:05minute

What's kind of scary is that after the UC Davis incident, a bunch of folks went over to Amazon and posted a bunch of satirical reviews on the pepper spray products. Since then the product has been flying off the shelves! Get yours before they are all gone:

Buy Pepper Spray on Amazon--but enjoy the reviews first.

Some of the reviews posted earlier even suggested the use of the product to clear out the lines at Walmart. Oh, bad karma on that one....

If they could figure out how to tax crazy, this nation would be on a sound financial footing again.

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