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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Thirteen-Pound Dog tied to Half-Ton Truck
How much of our lives do we spend waiting? Waiting for Christmas to come? Waiting for the rain to be over, the light to change, to hear the results of the test, to see if we got the job, won the lottery, etc. etc. etc.

To anticipate life like that is to fail to live it fully. Waiting should be a process, not a pause. Good things do come to those who sow the seeds and wait for the harvest to come in. It takes discipline and faith to live in the moment, to embrace waiting and to use it to advance our spiritual progress.

Observe this darling little fuzzy dog. Her owner placed her in a sit-stay and then for good measure tied her leash to the rear view mirror of a battered half-ton pickup truck. She sits alertly, awaiting the return of her owner, patience personified. Are you observing the little fuzzy dog?

Great! Keep an eye on her while I run down to the Porta-Potty, will you? Otherwise she's likely to chew through the leash and steal someone's lunch. Some of us can wait with patience; others don't put up with that garbage.

(dedicated to my beloved Pomeranian Tara, I still miss her. Believe me, the half ton truck wasn't overkill. )

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